servicii educationale

Educatie pentru prescolari si scolari

  • Oferim servicii de educatie pentru prescolari cu o programa de gradinita atent conceputa care acopera toate ariile de dezvoltare ale copiilor.
  • After-school pentru copiii cu varstele cuprinse intre 6 si 12 ani
  • Cursuri pentru copii
Waiting Child


Small group classes, English - Romanian teaching, daily outdoor activities, cooking, science, dance - this are the highlights of our educational offer for kindergarten.

after school

360° development approach for our young students: homework support, daily personal development workshops, daily outdoor and fun.

Helen Doron English

English classes by Helen Doron English

Delivering best in class English lessons by the experienced Helen Doron English teachers using the certified method that is delivering results for more than 35 years

Dance & Ballet classes

You can join our dance lessons, conducted by Teacher Paula. Once per week, usually in the afternoons. Monthly cost is 200 Lei. Let us know if you want to sign up for a demo lesson.